Saying Goodbye to #CoffeeMonth: Reflections on Coffee Spaces in Offices

We love the final result on IDEO's coffee point and breakout area. Forster Inc design.

We love the final result on IDEO's coffee point and breakout area. Forster Inc design.

What a month it’s been. Through articles, interviews, ‘cupping’ and design work, our #CoffeeMonth campaign taught us more about coffee than we ever planned.

One of the biggest observations we’ve had, though, is how much coffee and interior design go hand-in-hand. Why have the best quality coffee if you don’t have the best quality space to drink it in?

This question is most relevant when talking about office spaces. Coffee is undeniably an important part of the workplace, stimulating creativity and keeping staff alert. However, the coffee areas and breakout spaces are what really matter for making your office the best it can be. 

Building Company Culture through Coffee...

These spaces are more than just where people drink coffee. They encourage collaboration, reflection and a more fluid workflow between departments. For many employees, a creative and social hub makes them feel valued and cared for.

As a great example, Hootsuite CEO Ryan Holmes has written about the issue of separate teams becoming siloed – and how coffee areas can be transformative in bringing people together and maintaining culture.

These coffee spaces are discussion, connection, time outs and places of reflection.

...But What Exactly is 'Company Culture'?

'Company Culture' is one of those buzzwords that is really hard to pin down. However, if you define it as the representation of your company’s values, mission and brand, and is ultimately what retains your staff and separates you from competitors – well, then you wouldn’t think twice about investing money into building that culture.

It’s why so many of our Forster inc workplace projects are focused on establishing breakout spaces and coffee areas. And it’s also why we always encourage our clients to consider coffee points when evaluating their office layouts.

IDEO final kitchen area. Forster Inc Design.

IDEO final kitchen area. Forster Inc Design.

Saying Goodbye to #CoffeeMonth

Unsure whether your coffee area is up to scratch? As always, please get in touch, and let us help you evaluate your space.

We hope you enjoyed our #CoffeeMonth campaign and learned to love coffee, design and interiors as much as we do.

Until next time,