Forster Inc Takes a 'Digital Detox'

Forster Inc - Digital Detox.jpg

Recently, I bought a shiny new iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. It’s a piece of kit I’ve wanted for a while, and I’ve written before about why choosing the right arsenal of products is important to your business and life.

Even more than being useful, my new kit has made me realise just how much time I’ve been spending at the desk looking at a screen. Now with a piece of technology that enables me to create on the go, I can get out and get inspiration from the places and spaces around me.

This has lead to the decision to take a ‘digital detox’ and look up from the screen. As a result, the Forster Inc social media and blog content will slow down for the moment.

My aim is to work with more of you on brainstorming and crafting innovative product designs. With a focus on collaboration and creation, I’ll be prioritising experiences over sitting at a desk.

Ironically, this little piece of technology has freed me from the screen and shown me how I can make the most of the network I have. I look forward to exciting changes at Forster Inc and getting to collaborate with more of you.

Have a project or product you're working on? Interested in taking a ‘digital detox’ as well? Let's have a chat about it.