Knowing the Right People for the Right Job

Investis Meets Tsunami Axis

Striking the balance between the desire to be everywhere on every platform, to remain unique and be “a find” can be a challenge. Over the years we, at Forster Inc, have honed our sourcing and buying skills and made valuable introductions on every scale.

This was the case with the relationship we fostered when our clients Investis, who spend their time ‘simplifying the complex world of digital corporate communications’, asked us to do the same for their office space.

With a brief to re desk their expanding 140 strong London team in a warehouse in Fashion Street, we wasted no time in selecting the gargantuan office design leaders, Herman Miller and approaching the aptly named Tsumani Axis (now Miller’s highest grossing dealer partner in the UK) to supply us.

There is a right time for everything and this was a collaboration of companies who at some level share an apparently coherent ethic.

Both claiming the use of inspiring designs, inventive technologies and strategic services in order to help people do great things and organisations perform their best.

It was a match made in heaven and in our small but perfectly formed way we too could lay claim to these shared maxims.