Coming in November: Coffee Month

Coffee Image 8.jpg

Working on a recent office project, a client told me how imperative coffee is to their working environment. Beyond just simply having it available, he explained that the quality of the roast is just as important to keep staff happy.

We understand this all too well here at Forster Inc, with many of us fuelled by our morning cup (including me). With the weather turning colder and darker, a hot cup of coffee becomes necessary to stay motivated at home or at the office.

To celebrate all things coffee and design, I’m excited to announce that November will be Coffee Month at the Forster Inc HQ and online.

From Tuesday 1 November until the end of the month, our social media and blog will be taken over by coffee content in relation to interiors, innovation, design and being local. Features will include: design tips for cafe owners, interviews with London locals in the coffee industry, the importance of coffee in the workplace, where the Forster Inc team go for a brew – and much, much more.

Make sure to follow Forster Inc on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and check out our blog posts throughout the month.

Read an interesting article about coffee lately? Want to share what your coffee is like at the office? As always, get in touch by visiting our website or emailing me directly.

Happy coffee drinking,