When the Organiser Becomes the Client

A 'before' photo of a disorganised, messy bookcase is filled with books, toys, papers and bottles.
An 'after' photo of a clean, decluttered and less filled with 'stuff' bookcase in a family home.

Rachel Forster practices what she preaches and 'Sorts' her own home.

Forster Inc is my interior design business. Through my other business, SortedLondon, I help people tackle their clutter, reclaim their space and learn to live with less stuff in a clutter-free home.

Hattie was one of our first SortedLondon residential clients. She was about to begin a loft conversion in her home, and she asked SortedLondon to organise and clear out all of the stuff in her loft. Once the loft conversion began, she quickly realised she needed more space in the rest of her home, too. The next thing we know, we were asked to work on other areas of the house, and we gained a happy client.

“You don't know what a life saver you've been,” she said to us. “You've changed my house from frumpy chaos into the home it was always supposed to be.”

Fast forward a year, and I find myself mid-way through a loft conversion on my own home. Nothing makes you realise how ‘stuffocated’ you are quite like the disruptive state of doing work on the house.  And just like Hattie, through the upheaval of a loft conversion, I’m learning how much the other areas in my room need to be assessed and reorganised, too.

I decided to treat myself like I would a client of SortedLondon. I asked the other half of SortedLondon, Becky, to come in and help assess and organise my space. I admit, prior to this, I was sometimes guilty of using the ‘out of sight/out of mind’ way of tidying: a.k.a, shoving things up into the loft.

A black and white photo of an untidy, disorganised and chaotic bookshelf full of technology, records and equipment.
a black-and-white-photo of a neat, organised and decluttered bookshelf with technology equipment, records and some decorations.

With Becky’s help, I’ve forced myself to face my stuff – and tidying habits -- head on. It’s been eye opening and at times tough, but the result is rewarding. We’re still not done with the decorating and storage design yet, but just through assessing my belongings, my family and I have seen a huge change in how we use our space.

Through this experience of becoming the client, I not only have an even bigger understanding of what my SortedLondon and ForsterInc clients go through.

Just like Hattie, I now also know how transformative living in a more organised and clutter free space can be.

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