Storage Just Got Personal

Making A Brief Case For Hot Box

A man in business attire places his hotbox hb-two portable office storage into a locker in his office.

Hot Box is a unique, flexible, secure portable personal storage system and Forster Inc have had the pleasure of working with Jamie Rothwell from Hotbox Storage designing the HB–two.

As more companies adopt the agile workspace model it becomes increasingly important to provide staff with the tools to do their job and the opportunity to add their personality where they can.  Staff wellbeing is a hot topic and companies with happy staff can see increases in productivity and profit.

As Bisley’s director of design John Fogarty says in relation to Hot Box, “With the advent of flexible working the initial response was to hack away the amount of departmental and personal storage… their personal spaces eroded, workforces became increasingly unhappy, and it is only now people are starting to think again about storage – it cannot be an afterthought anymore – it has to be part of the overall space planning”.

We are excited to see that our collaboration with Hot Box has taken to the offices of the world in all their functional and beautiful glory, putting the id back into fluid working. 

The hotbox hb-two portable office storage sits on an office desk opened, revealing its storage compartments.

These slick, simple, secure storage systems carry your devices, files, pens and personal bits and are able to cater to your needs with a finish and fabric cover of your choice.

In short, as the American furniture magazine MMQB recognised when they put it on the cover, HB – two covers the very essence of good design (as declared by Dieter Rams) in being innovative, useful, aesthetic understandable, unobtrusive, honest, long lasting, detailed, environmentally friendly and straightforward as well as our own added design principle… pleasurable.