The Right Kit

Photo copyright  ISKOGOCHMARK  via the  Tentipi Blog

Photo copyright ISKOGOCHMARK via the Tentipi Blog

If you had to pick one product that represented you, either personally or your business brand, what would it be?

This is known as a ‘style signifier,’ and I know with much certainty that mine would be the best-designed camping tent, which for me is the Tentipi.

What makes the Tentipi so unique?  Part tent, part tipi, this large triangular tent allows for the whole family to camp together in one space. It’s made of canvas, making it light and cool, and with the separate wood burner, we can have more time outdoors in the colder months.

I talk a lot about the importance of good product design, from ‘delightful innovations’ to the simplicity of one chair. The Tentipi, unsurprisingly, is one of these well-designed items. With just one central pole, it’s a joyful 10 minutes to set up, which simplifies and de-stresses our camping experience. Having bought ours nearly 10 years ago, it clearly is both made and designed beautifully.

Photo via  Mansfield Outdoors

On a personal level, camping is something my family and I love to do together. In our Victorian terrace house, the kids have separate bedrooms, but in the Tentipi, we are all together in one large space as a family.  It helps create that much needed family together time that is hard to achieve in our daily life.

And now, as we gather our gear to venture on another camping holiday, I’m reminded of how important it is to have the right kit at your disposal.  This applies not only to your travel or hobbies, but also to your business and working environment.

Simply put, the right products help you do your job properly. Thus it’s so important to choose the best ones that represent your business and brand.

With the right kit in tow, you can lead the most organised, simple version of your life.

Forster Inc will be shut for the last two weeks of August. Enjoy your summer holidays, and see you in “la rentree!”