We've been Featured


We're excited to announce that we've been featured in Riba's new interior design guide, Interior Design: A Professional Guide, written by interiors specialist Jenny Grove.

This benchmark book offers guidance to interior designers on how to raise their professional profile and gives their clients an insight into the complexities of modern interior design. 

The book also showcases examples of real projects with comments from their designers -- including Forster Inc. One of our favourite projects we did, IDEO London's warehouse office space, is featured in the book, where Jenny Grove discusses our approach to ensure this warehouse office space was completed on time and on budget.

You can find the entire Forster Inc feature on pages 58-60.

Big thanks to Jenny Grove and Riba for featuring our designs -- and for creating an insightful, useful book for interior design professionals and clients everywhere.

Pick up your copy of Interior Design: A Professional Guide from the Riba Bookshop