A layout that suits your needs.

With the wrong layout, your home or work space can feel like it needs a fortune to make it work for you. By analysing your existing space and bringing in the right storage, you can transform your space and your way of living or working.

A more cost-efficient alternative to a full redesign, our Organise Service maximises your space efficiency to ensure you're making the most of what you already have, saving you time and money. Through our consultation process, we bring you the best layout and bespoke storage.

Sometimes you don't need a whole new design; all you need is to get organised.


Our services include:

  • Space planning
  • Architectural layouts
  • Analysing and defining user experience of space
  • Maximising space efficiency and flow
  • Choosing suitable furniture and storage
  • Organising specialist furniture and storage makers
  • Contact with sister business, Sorted London, if needed

In addition to what Forster Inc can provide, we have two other solutions to take your organised living/working even further.



Feeling 'Stuffocated?'

Forster Inc’s sister brand, SortedLondon, transforms your office or home into an organised and clutter-free space, first through a consultation and then by reducing and curating your things. Rachel & Becky are a mission to share the life-changing effect of having a sorted space, one cluttered room at a time.

HotBox: Portable Office Storage

Looking to streamline your flexible office working?

Designed in collaboration with Forster Inc, HotBox’s HB-two model is the flexible portable storage system for all the things you need at work. Choose the interior storage to suit your needs and finish off with a fabric cover of your choice. Carry your laptop, tablet, files and pens in style, and individualise your space.



Interested in any of the services listed above?

Helping clients achieve the most organised, clutter-free life is why we went into design. We believe passionately in sustainability and using what you already have first and foremost, before buying more.

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