Cover Image for 42M&P

42 M & P represent some of the biggest actors, writers and directors in the world but when they took over their new London office space it was essentially an empty box. I worked with different teams of specialists to create a clean, open, light and flexible space that felt befitting for both their team and any stars dropping by. All account managers had their own offices with sit-stand desks, and a relaxing windowless pod with soft colours and plush fabrics provided the ideal wind down / escape space.

A minimal white look was balanced with warm, calming material choices like wood and dark, textural fabrics. A new kitchen, air conditioning, lighting and glass were all chosen and installed by us, with the glass proving especially challenging. We needed it to feel bright and open plan, whilst also offering enough privacy where it mattered. Frosted stripes proved the perfect solution, and slimline black metal frames gave a subtle nod to the TV and film world.

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