Our Future Health

Cover Image for Our Future Health

After Covid, Our Future Health were one of the many companies struggling to lure people back to the office. They asked me to help them make their new space at The Office Group in London less of a plain white box. It wasn’t inspiring or practical for colleagues and visiting clients. My brief was to make it warm and versatile, enabling space creation for the numbers they hoped to rekindle.

I went for a full flexible working approach, redesigning the layout with smaller desks to increase capacity, and rethinking the entire colour and materials pallet to create a softer, more natural, and more collaborative atmosphere. Compact beech and oak tables, sit-stand desks, and phone booths for private calls all helped to facilitate a more agile workspace with capacity for 120 across the two office zones.

To push the biophilic vibe even further, Camira hemlock and nettle textiles were used for the upholstery, and a lush array of real plants were installed and maintained with the help of Lease a Leaf. An uplifting fruity colour scheme – including peach, lemon and soft sunrise-inspired orange tones – tied it all together. This modular methodology also meant that when the time comes to move they are agile enough to just up and go.

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