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Curtain Road

Curtain Road - Forster Inc.
Curtain Road - Forster Inc.
Curtain Road - Forster Inc.

The brief for this warehouse-style loft was to create the ultimate boutique city crash pad, with the feel of a hotel – not a home. I designed a bespoke kitchen and living space, replete with modern and luxurious touches. Gold silk curtains inspired by the silk lining of a suit sat against the industrial exposed brick wall, to keep the lofty vibes. The opulent kitchen was made as theatrical as possible, with plush banquettes, mirrored surfaces and large metal suspended lighting.

In the bedroom a wooden panelled grid provided a slightly warmer, cosier touch, offset by a darker colour scheme and concealed lighting built into the feature architrave. The shower room was reconfigured to make room for the bedroom’s spectacular roll top bath. As a finishing touch, secondary glazing was added to keep the city out and the decadent sensorial atmosphere in.

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