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When street fashion store Goodhood opened in Shoreditch they asked Forster Inc to help them create a destination boutique with an interior consistent with the independent nature of their brand. The owner, himself a graphic designer, agreed we should keep the backdrop minimal, urban, and graphic, allowing the streetwear to really pop out. So we went white – very white and to add depth to the white palette applied high gloss, soft sheen and matt finishes.

This gallery aesthetic was augmented by a bespoke graffiti mirror wall at the back, designed by the owner in their house style, which helped to boost the felt size of the space.

A modular acrylic display 'catwalk' was created with wheels to allow the staff to rearrange easily for new displays, and a glazed panel was installed on the floor at the back to allow additional light flow into the basement space below where the offices for the brand were situated.

"The shop is beyond our expectations. Right place at the right time with the right design. We’ve had fantastic feedback from all our customers." Jo and Kyle, Owners, Goodhood

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