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Little Black Book

Transform Your Space with Expert Online Consultations

Whether it's a full renovation, a room or office refresh making sustainable choices, we’re here to help.

We give:

  • Personalised Advice: Tailored to your style, needs and budget.

  • Convenience: Consult from home, fitting your schedule.

  • Expert Guidance: Professional insights on colours, furniture, layout, and more.

  • Sustainable Choices: Eco-friendly options that don’t compromise style.

How It Works:

  1. Book a Consultation: Easy online scheduling.

  2. Share Your Project: Share photos and details.

  3. Chat with Rachel: Get expert advice and contacts via video call.

  4. Follow Up: Ongoing support available.


  • Room Makeovers

  • Space Planning

  • Material Selection

  • Sustainable Design

  • Styling and Decor

Ready to transform your space? Book your online consultation today.

"I was feeling overwhelmed facing a flat renovation project and the session with Rachel helped me to get it underway. It was great to bounce ideas off an interiors expert and get some guidance on how to approach it. Aside from the tips and tricks she shared, the most valuable thing I took away was that I can actually do this alone!"

S. Sagar Home Owner, London

Get in touch to find out more.

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