Burrow Walk

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This 1980s house was a wealth of untapped potential when our clients – a family with two young children – moved in. The previous owner had needed a downstairs bedroom, which made for a slightly closed-off living space. The new owners wanted a much more fluid and open interior that would optimise available space for everyone – including their cat.

So, job one was to open up 3 rooms, the kitchen, living/dining and bedroom. The open plan environment then needed clear zoning, with colour blocking to define the kitchen, dining, living, and play spaces. Once this core shape was achieved I set about warming up the space with sustainable materials that felt homely and welcoming. A cork floor was installed throughout, along with terrazzo tiling, radiant warm copper taps, and a vivid pink downstairs WC.

Being north facing it was quite a dark space, so we replaced the half windows with full length doors to bring in the garden and plenty of natural light with it. The finished space is cosy, contemporary, and ready for Christmas, including the snuggly space-saving cat hatch we created under the stairs.

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